There has never been a better time to join Avon!

Avon is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in the UK and now offers the much needed flexibility that we were all waiting for!

Avon is a company that has been going for over 130 years all around the world!!

It is a well known brand that everyone knows and loves. Avon sells itself which makes it much easier to sell and recruit! 

The best thing is you can set up your own business for as little as £15 and get everything you need supplied 

So How Does It Work?

Its quite simple, you share your brochures and online store to everyone you know. You generate sales, submit the orders and earn cash! It really isn't any more difficult than that! 

Simple, Flexible, Rewarding

Everything has changed! You can now order when it suits you for delivery.

Each campaign is 3 weeks long. Within that time, you as a representative, can place as many orders as you like (First order over £30 is free delivery, any other orders are just £1.50 each!) Your commission is based on your previous total campaign sales. This is all clearly explained when you join as a representative. Your delivery will arrive within 3-5 working days. 

With the new flexible ordering, it allows representatives who may also have a full time job, to choose the day their delivery arrives but can also set up a safe location. 

As a representative, you will be entitled to commission of up to 25%, special deals on current and discontinued products, access to a fantastic training room and the chance to become a Presidents Club member (Yearly sales of over £6,700).​

Come join the fun!!!​



Avon have created amazing Starter Kits!

How do you get one?

Simply Join Avon and pick the best pack for you!

How do you choose?

Click apply now to see pictures of the 3 avaliable they start from £15.

And the best bit? There are no upfront costs!

You have 13 days to pay for them!

In that time, you should have generated enough sales online and offline to pay for them!

Advanced Kit

A complete make-up collection including 25 products, 75 samples and a branded business bag!

 For the enthusiastic and product-loving Representative who wants to get samples into customers' hands and sell sell sell!

Plus everything in the Start Up Starter Kit!

Essential Kit

8 Bestselling products to try and love, plus 30 samples to share with friends and family. For the cautious Representative who is just starting out and wants the essentials to get going.

Plus everything in the Start Up Starter Kit!

Start up Starter Kit

Brochures – Up to 20 brochures + First look 
Brochure Bags – 50 per pack 
Pack of canvassing cards – 20 per pack 
Pack of customer order forms – 50 per pack 
Pack of calling cards – 100 per pack 
Ring sizer 
Calling book

This is for the representative that doesnt want to commit just yet.

Dont wait any longer! Click apply and choose your kit today!

I would love the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with me today.


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